Where to go? Which route to take? How long will it take? Which equipment do I have to take? Is it reasonable for children to join? Before you go hiking, the guide will already help you organizing your day by answering many questions. During the hike, it will give you the opportunity to discover unknown places and will provide you with explanations relating to the environment. All this at a pace that suits you.

I propose you to discover the most beautiful natural sites of Haute Provence and the Southern Alps through hikes of a few hours, a day or several days.

During all seasons, I propose a program of excursions & hikes to which you can participate alone or by joining a group. You will join a small group, usually compoosed of 5 to 8 people. You can also consult me ​​to prepare "tailor-made" excursions for a group that you constitute yourself (2 to 15 people).

Languages ​​spoken: French, English & Dutch.

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