Discovering hidden spots in the heart of Haute Provence and the Southern Alps through hiking and excursions

Off the beaten tracks, the South of France offers intact but unknown landscapes. Some perched villages, art shelters, isolated chapels and pastoralism show a particularly discreet human presence. Yet there is plenty to do. Observing chamois, ibex, marmots and vultures. Watching the panoramic views from the peaks of the Southern Alps. Enjoying the cool streams that run along the canyons. Discovering the art shelters, true outdoor museum. Taking pictures of sunrises and sunsets from a viewpoint. Enjoying a barbecue in the middle of nature. Meeting the cattle in the pastures. Walking on old mule tracks. Snowshoeing along panoramic mountain tracks. All this in one of the sunniest regions of France.

As mountain leader, I suggest you to guide you to the most attractive sites in the most beautiful region of France and help you todiscover the geology, history, flora, fauna and heritage.

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